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This is our YourPitch page that allows you to pitch your app to us! So if you have an app, and you'd like coverage from us, contact us with a pitch below.

Looking for We're looking for Android, iOS and Windows apps. It can be any type of app (from games to productivity apps). We are also interested in anything cool related to smartphones and mobile technology.

Not looking for If it's not related to mobile / smartphones, we're not interested.

About The goal here at App Review Central is to provide readers with a great website where they can find helpful and timely articles and reviews on Android and iOS apps. Helping moible users find the app reviews and information they need so they do not waste a lot or time or money on apps is the driving force behind ARC. In addition to app reviews, there are app related press releases, developer interviews, general mobile news, contests, video reviews, and the famous App of the Day.

Why YourPitch? We're using YourPitch because we get A LOT of submissions to review apps. We simply cannot cover them all. YourPitch allows us to streamline the review process and focus on reviewing instead of managing emails.

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